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Here are a few of our commercials that you may have seen on TV. We hope you enjoy watching them as much as we do making them.

Bankruptcy: Turning Something Bad into Something Good



It is often said that bad things happen to good people. No matter how long I practice law, I continue to hear heartbreaking reasons why clients have to use our law firm to file for bankruptcy.

Recently I met with a prospective client we will call Jim (not his real name). Jim is smart and jovial, and brightened my day just by showing up. But he had a very sad tale to tell.

Jim took care of his dying grandmother years ago. Jim moved into her house and did the best he could to make her comfortable during her remaining years. Then she passed, and for some reason that was never explained to him, Jim's family kicked him out of the house, sold it, and split the proceeds.

Family illness has taken a toll with Jim's immediate family. His brother had a massive stroke and, soon afterward, his mother contracted cancer, so Jim quit his job to take care of both. With no income at his disposal, Jim needed to use his charge cards to pay for the normal monthly expenses that kept them all in the house.

After things stabilized, Jim looked for work again. Jim needed health insurance so he took a job that paid less but was able to become insured, and, because he had pre-existing diabetes, at least he was able to be insured. But he still wasn’t making enough money to pay down the charges, and Jim now owes $30,000. Facing crippling bills, Jim will be filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy with Steidl & Steinberg to relieve part of his burden.

Bankruptcy is a New Beginning

There are so many stories that our clients tell us about how they are in the situation they find themselves. They range from medical, to divorce, trouble with kids, unexpected repairs to the house and vehicles, or just overspending. All are valid reasons for you to contact us to look at your situation and see if we can help.

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