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Here are a few of our commercials that you may have seen on TV. We hope you enjoy watching them as much as we do making them.

Filing Bankruptcy for the Second Time


You are embarrassed. You thought you would never, ever, be in this position again. But here you are -- the bill collectors are hunting you down and the telephone rings almost nonstop. The pressure is mounting and you know what you need to do. You have to file bankruptcy. Again.

Good Intentions

After you filed, you had very good intentions. You were determined to not put yourself in that position again and were determined to stick to a budget, to not use credit cards with reckless abandon, or live beyond your means.

It wasn't that the process was a difficult one. In fact, you were surprised that it was relatively straightforward. You were also surprised how easily you were able to get credit after the bankruptcy was over. The applications arrived in the mail almost every day and they were certainly tempting.

Second Bankruptcy

Sometimes life can take unexpected turns, and like so many of our past clients who have had to file more than once, there are so many causes for the filing. It may have been for serious medical problems. It may have been because you have lost hours at your job, or even the job itself. And it may have been because you fell into a familiar trap.

There are possible solutions to your old/new problem. If it has been over eight years since your last filing, and if you still qualify, you may be eligible for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy where you can get rid of your overbearing debt. If you are not eligible for a Chapter 7, you can almost always do a Chapter 13 reorganization plan.

Just because you filed bankruptcy in the past doesn't mean you can't again if the circumstances warrant. Give us a call at Steidl & Steinberg to discuss your financial situation and we will take a look at your options. Chances are we can help. Again. 

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