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State Announces Tax Amnesty Program

There's good news if you have delinquent Pennsylvania taxes due. The state recently announced a tax amnesty program, which means you now have a new opportunity to resolve your delinquencies on a discounted basis.

Here are some of the features of the program:

  1. During the period beginning April 21, 2017 and ending June 19, 2017 you may pay any Pennsylvania tax delinquency by paying the tax due plus one-half (1/2) of the accrued interest. The taxes must be assessed before December 31, 2015 whether the delinquency is known or unknown to the department. Payment of the amnesty amount is required to be made in full before the end of the amnesty period.
  2. The amnesty applies to virtually all Pennsylvania taxes including Pennsylvania Income Tax, Sales and Use Tax, Capital Stock Tax, Corporate Loans Tax, Employer Withholding Tax, Fuel Use Tax, Inheritance and Estate Tax, as well as many others.
  3. Upon payment of the amnesty amount (tax due +half the interest) the department will rescind all liens and halt all enforcement actions.
  4. Individuals and entities like corporations and businesses are eligible to apply for the amnesty.
  5. Unpaid taxes due after December 31, 2015 are not eligible for the Amnesty Program. However, non-filed or under reported taxes due after December 31, 2015 must be filed by June 19, 2017, in order to participate in the program.
  6. Prior to the start of the Tax Amnesty period, April 21, 2017, the department will mail notices to taxpayers with known tax delinquencies with instructions on how to apply. If you have unknown liabilities, i.e. you have not filed returns, not paid or under reported your taxes, you could qualify for a limited filing period. In this case, only unknown tax delinquencies dating back to January 1, 2017 must be filed and paid before the close of the Tax Amnesty period. Non-filed period due after December 31, 2015 must be filed by June 19, 2017 to be approved for tax amnesty.
  7. You can be eligible for tax amnesty even if you are currently on a deferred payment plan.

For more information on the tax amnesty program for 2017, contact Steidl and Steinberg Tax Services.

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