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05.14.2015 | by Kenny Steinberg

Can creditors attach my bank account?

Just got off the phone with a caller whose bank account has been attached by a creditor to whom she owed money. It was a credit card, and the amount owed was about $2,300.00.  The caller received a notice from her bank that told her that the payments that were prearranged to come out of her account were not going to come out at all because the creditor had frozen her
entire account.
There wasn't enough money to pay the creditor who sued her. They were owed $2,300.00, as I noted above, but the caller’s directly  deposited paycheck left her with about $1,500.00
in her account, enough normally to pay the bills she needed to pay. But now that money is frozen, and about to be taken by the creditor who froze the account.
The caller asked: “Can this creditor really do that? It’s only a credit card that I owe. And I was told that they can’t do that.”
Yes, they can.

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