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Here are a few of our commercials that you may have seen on TV. We hope you enjoy watching them as much as we do making them.

01.30.2015 | by Kenny Steinberg

Don't spend that tax refund

You can't wait for that income tax refund to show up in your bank account. You have so many things you want to buy.

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01.29.2015 | by Kenny Steinberg

Time to appeal property assessment

Did you lose your assessment appeal last time? Did you fail to file for an appeal? Did you use an attorney who told you that you would win, but you lost? Think all is lost? Read on.

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01.26.2015 | by Chris Frye

What if I can't pay my credit card bill?

Many individual borrowers have the misconception that a credit card company can’t really do anything to hurt you if you are unable to pay. This is not true. Aside from the obvious thrashing of your credit, the next few paragraphs will explain what is very likely happen if you fall behind and are unable to pay a credit card debt.

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01.05.2015 | by Tom Rose

Conneaut Lake Park heading to court

The next step in the case to decide the future of Conneaut Lake Park is about to begin.

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12.24.2014 | by Kenny Steinberg

So this is Christmas, what have you done?

It wasn't even Thanksgiving yet. I turned on my radio just at the beginning of John Lennon’s iconic holiday song. There are no introductory chords or solos, just John, in his straightforward
way, not wasting any time, starting “And so this is Christmas, and what have you done?”
Just in that one sentence are two good reasons why I love listening to John Lennon. One is his directness when he needs to get his point across, and the other is his social conscience.
And every time I hear that one phrase, I start thinking: just what have I done?
Not nearly enough, I’m afraid. There is still war, famine, and disease. I know, I can’t end these things by myself. But there are others out there trying and giving the ultimate
And our clients: so many of them are struggling just to make it day-to-day. They have health problems, job problems, family issues, houses that are falling down or being foreclosed on, and
sometimes, no house to go to.

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