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Here are a few of our commercials that you may have seen on TV. We hope you enjoy watching them as much as we do making them.

5 Things to Bring to Your Bankruptcy Consultation

Almost everyone gets nervous when they come to see us for the first time. That's natural.

I know that people feel they know us after seeing our commercials, passing the billboards, or seeing our videos online. But it's still natural to be nervous.

However, like most things in life, it may feel better if you are prepared. Here is a general list of items you should gather to bring to your appointment at Steidl & Steinberg. It will really help us get to know your financial situation.
  1. Make a list of your normal household expenses. The options you have could be dependent on how your expenses and income interact.
  2. List your household income. Bring a pay stub if you like and make sure you list all of the income of everyone in your house. The options you have are often based on your level of income.
  3. Bring a copy of any lawsuits that have been filed against you. This would include those that come from a District Judge, the Court of Common Pleas, or any other source. We need to know what kind of deadlines you are facing. If a lawsuit is successful, the entity suing you may have some options available to them that might impact you, such as the attachment of a bank account or the seizing of assets.
  4. Any information about any entity that is currently seizing your bank accounts. We need contact information for them if we have to act quickly.
  5. A list of your creditors, and approximately how much money you owe them. These are the entities we will be notifying if you need to file for relief under the Bankruptcy Code. By knowing who you owe and how much, we can best develop a plan for dealing with them. When you compile this information you will learn more about your finances and help us work together to find the best solution for your case.

Nerves shouldn't keep anyone from getting their fresh start. So go ahead, schedule your free consultation today and let us help you explore your financial options.

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