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Here are a few of our commercials that you may have seen on TV. We hope you enjoy watching them as much as we do making them.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is a Miracle For Our Clients

Picture this: You owe a ton of money on your credit cards. You’re at risk for falling behind on your house and car payments, even though you’re up-to-date currently.

You make your payments, but your bills look pretty much the same month after month. It seems like most of your payments are going to interest. You don’t see a way out.

You decide to talk to one of the out-of-state companies, maybe one of those that say they know the “secret that credit card companies won’t tell you”. They give you your dream scenario, telling you an amount to send them every month. Promising your life is going to be just ducky.

But, you feel uncomfortable sending money to a company with people you’ve never met with in person, that’s in a state you have never visited, or that’s halfway across the U.S. You’re right to feel uncomfortable. After all, you’ve heard us say “if it’s too good to be true, it probably is”.

Bankruptcy Lawyers

Then, you hear about a bankruptcy law firm that offers you more believable results. This bankruptcy lawyer says you can be out of debt in three to five years, with all interest being eliminated with the payments to creditors. According to the payment plan that has been devised and approved, the creditors must do as he or she says. The firm has a good reputation, with an office near you, and have been in the business of bankruptcy law for decades. You can actually meet with this bankruptcy lawyer in person, for a free consultation, and you can trust that person because she or he appears to know exactly what they are doing.

Welcome to Steidl & Steinberg.

For our hard-working clients who are making their payments, but don’t seem to be getting anywhere, Chapter 13 bankruptcy really is a miracle. It’s for those who need debt consolidation and reorganization or to halt mortgage foreclosures, car repossessions, attachment of bank accounts. With one of our lawyers and Chapter 13 bankruptcy on your side, you can get the “miracle” you’re hoping for.

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