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Here are a few of our commercials that you may have seen on TV. We hope you enjoy watching them as much as we do making them.

How Do I Know If Bankruptcy Is Right For Me?

If you’re in debt, knowing whether Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy is the appropriate solution for you is not a simple question. So, how do you figure out what to do? Although an amazing tool for a lot of things, the internet is not the answer here. There is a ton of misinformation on the internet! Even if the information you find is technically correct, it can also be very misleading and confusing. Think about the following example.

Internet Searcher Beware

My guess is that at some point in your life you have been ill and looked up your symptoms online in an attempt at self-diagnosis. If you have done so, I am also fairly certain that you have scared yourself to death. It’s very easy to have a sore throat and a headache for a few days and come away from an internet self-diagnosis of throat cancer or any other horrible illness.

After you have sufficiently scared yourself, the next thing to do is to contact a doctor.  After a thorough examination, the doctor concludes that you do not, in fact, have throat cancer, but a virus that will go away in a few more days. Obviously, there is a great sense of relief, but you didn’t have to scare yourself half to death in the meantime.

This can apply to making internet searches about bankruptcy law and debt consolidation. Instead of doing your own “self-diagnosis” online, contact a professional to skip the part where you get misleading, scary information. So, how do you know if bankruptcy is right for you? The best answer is always to contact a professional, just as you would a doctor for the best diagnosis.

Leave It To The Professionals

Steidl & Steinberg has spoken to tens of thousands of people about bankruptcy law and debt consolidation, and in turn, have filed tens of thousands of bankruptcies for individuals and businesses. If we don’t think bankruptcy is the right solution for you, we will absolutely point you in the right direction with other options you may have. Our goal is to put you in the best position possible to deal with your debt. Sometimes, we know just after a phone call if we can help. Other times, it takes a consultation. The phone call and initial consultation are both free so you have absolutely nothing to lose! Contact our Pittsburgh bankruptcy lawyers for bankruptcy help today!

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