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Here are a few of our commercials that you may have seen on TV. We hope you enjoy watching them as much as we do making them.

Bankruptcy is good for your health


People with debt carry very heavy burdens.  They constantly feel the stress of their debt like a millstone around their necks.  Every time the phone rings or they pick up the mail, they are reminded.   Difficult decisions often have to be made as to what gets paid and what doesn’t.

The stress of how they are going to pay their debt often keeps my clients up at night.  They complain that the worry has made them unable to concentrate at work.  The lack of sleep and distraction eventually leads them to become irritable and they no longer feel like themselves.

For some of my clients at Steidl and Steinberg, their debts have a much more tangible impact on their health.  Out of a strong sense of obligation, my clients will sacrifice almost anything to make sure their debts are paid.  Unfortunately, sometimes the sacrifice is medicine or food.  I often hear stories of going without necessary prescriptions or subsisting on a tiny food budget (think less than $100/month) in an effort to not default on debt.

There are very few things worth sacrificing your health for and debt is certainly not one of them.  After coming in for a consultation, my clients almost always say that they feel relieved just knowing they have a plan in place for dealing with their debt.  There’s nothing more gratifying than having a client tell me, “I’m able to sleep again”, “I can answer my phone again”, “I’m able to afford to buy my medicine again” or “I didn’t even realize how stressed I was until I came to see you”.

If you’re feeling crushed by the stress of your debt and especially if you find yourself cutting back on necessities like food and medicine, give us a call.  We can meet with you for free to review your options for dealing with your debt, so you can concentrate on getting happy and healthy again.




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