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Here are a few of our commercials that you may have seen on TV. We hope you enjoy watching them as much as we do making them.

The After Christmas Bills Blues

If I had to come up with a song title to my client’s concerns after the holiness, glamour, and majesty of Christmas has ended, it would be “I’ve Got the After ­Christmas Bills Blues."

Christmas Aftermath 

"It’s not really a title that flows poetically, and it doesn’t conjure up images of, say, B.B. King singing “The Thrill is Gone”, but it is very appropriate. Our clients were very conservative in their holiday shopping. They used their charge cards very carefully, remembering prior extravagant spending (and the debt that ensued) and decided that they could shop smarter for the kids, the grandkids, etc. They were proud of how well they were able to do on a limited budget.

Then reality hit. The bills that were there prior to Christmas are still around. And there isn’t really any more money to pay for them. Sure, things aren’t much worse, but they really aren’t any better. The phone calls that slowed down during the holidays are starting to come back. The threat of lawsuits and other collection activity is still there.

That’s where we come in.

Here at Steidl and Steinberg, we’ll meet with you for free and take a look at those Christmas bills. Whether you’re looking at debt consolidation or bankruptcy help, you will leave our office feeling better than you are now – armed with the information you need to plan your next move. It may even be the move that could eliminate most or all of the debt entirely while you hold onto all of the assets you have justly earned over the years. 

But it doesn’t just happen unless you do something. “Something” means to call us or contact us. You’ll be pleasantly surprised when we get back to you very quickly, and you will be relieved to know we have a law firm not far from where you live or work. Your comfort level will increase when you know you are meeting with Pittsburgh attorneys (or the attorneys from one of our many other locations) who have over a century of combined experience working with people to resolve their debt issues.

So why wait? Unlike the gifts for your kids and grand-kids, calling, writing, or meeting with us doesn’t cost you a thing. And maybe next December, instead of singing the blues, you’ll be able to enjoy Christmas the way it was meant to be enjoyed, without the post-shopping blues.

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