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Here are a few of our commercials that you may have seen on TV. We hope you enjoy watching them as much as we do making them.

08.15.2019 | by Lauren Lamb

Failing to Pay a Credit Card is Serious Stuff

When someone is experiencing financial hardship, credit card payments are often the first thing to be sacrificed. 

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08.07.2019 | by Kenny Steinberg

Do I Have Enough Debt to File Bankruptcy?


The value of money and debt have very different meanings for different people.

I had a potential client come in for a consultation who wanted to know if she had enough debt to file for bankruptcy. She owed about $8,000 and wasn’t sure if that was enough to file.

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07.31.2019 | by Kenny Steinberg

07.25.2019 | by Kenny Steinberg

There is No Summer Vacation from Debt

It seems like we are always busy at Steidl and Steinberg: winter, summer, and especially spring and fall. But we are a bit less busy in the summer, and I can only speculate why this is so.

Is it because your bills have gone away? I seriously doubt that, but if you have a miracle solution, let us know and we will bottle it.

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07.17.2019 | by Kenny Steinberg

5 Things to Bring to Your Bankruptcy Consultation

Almost everyone gets nervous when they come to see us for the first time. That's natural.

I know that people feel they know us after seeing our commercials, passing the billboards, or seeing our videos online. But it's still natural to be nervous.

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