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Here are a few of our commercials that you may have seen on TV. We hope you enjoy watching them as much as we do making them.

12.26.2018 | by Kenny Steinberg

The After Christmas Bills Blues

If I had to come up with a song title to my client’s concerns after the holiness, glamour, and majesty of Christmas has ended, it would be “I’ve Got the After ­Christmas Bills Blues."

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12.20.2018 | by Kenny Steinberg

What Our Clients Say About Filing Bankruptcy

Even if two bankruptcy cases are identical, the clients may have totally different experiences.

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12.20.2018 | by Tom Rose

Beaver County Loses Property Assessment Appeal

Beaver County has joined a growing list.

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11.21.2018 | by Kenny Steinberg

Do I Make Too Much Money for Bankruptcy?

Do I make too much money for bankruptcy?

One of my clients recently told me that she and her husband make about $105,000 per year. I remember when that was a lot of money. It still is for many people.

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10.31.2018 | by Kenny Steinberg

A Community's Love Lifts Heavy Hearts in Mourning

I am writing this through glassy eyes and roaring emotions.

It’s been a few days since the killings in Pittsburgh’s Squirrel Hill neighborhood but the pain for the families of the 11 peaceful worshippers, and for those injured, including the brave superheroes who rushed into the danger to save others, will not dissipate any time soon.

I owe it to all of them to express my thoughts in this forum because this happened in the community my family calls home.

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