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Beware of Fake IRS Tax Phone Calls

fake IRS calls


Have you received a threatening phone call regarding personal income taxes that you owe?

It is happening on an almost daily basis! I am getting calls from clients and citizens who are panicking about having received a nasty phone call with the speaker stating he or she is from the Internal Revenue Service and, unless prompt payments are made, a lawsuit will be filed or a sheriff will come with an arrest warrant.

These types of phone phishing scams are becoming extremely prevalent.  My wife even received one of these calls on our home number. She was told that she would be sued unless she were to go purchase a gift card and call back with the numbers from the card.

IRS Will Not Collect on Phone

First, do not panic. The IRS does NOT make contact in this manner. The heavy majority of the time the IRS will mail notices to your last known address to make initial contact if they suspect there is an issue with your account. Even in the small amount of situations when the IRS does call you, they will never demand payment for taxes over the phone.

Second, let’s use common sense here. Do you really think the United States Government would accept tax payments with a gift card to a department store? Or for that matter, would the IRS demand payment immediately or threaten you with a law suit? for taxes The answers are of course no. Even in delinquent taxpayer cases, the IRS very seldom needs to file a law suit. They can file a lien against a taxpayer without needing a court order or judgment, so why would they bother?

Third, hang up on any callers and do not contact them back. You can then read about the IRS warnings of these scams, and at the same time, report the callers to the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) using this website.



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